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Alpine summer. What is available for winter sports buffs?
So what happens next? Summer is just around the corner and folks are thinking about other types of holidays, something different than skiing, snowboarding and the like. Or are they? Why has summer skiing started a comeback after so many summers just melting away? And where does it all take place anyway?  
What happens to all of the ski resorts, do they just "torch em"? 
If a mountain resort makes the great majority of its tourism money between December and Easter, what happens after that? Well, truth be told, many hotels in mountain villages take a well-deserved break after the rigors of catering to thousands of skiers during the winter months. But, and here dear reader is where you benefit, others stay open all year round. You know of course that winter sports
resorts do not exist on accommodation alone at any time of year. There are restaurants, sports shops, shopping shops, bars and above all mountain transportation - ski lifts to you. 
Each of these, including the accommodation bit have to find some source of income in the non-winter months.
Now these non-winter months fall into a number of categories. There is the season immediately after the ski high season. Now, for example. There is the season that leads into the main summer season. June for example. There is the summer season. July, for example. And there is the high summer season. The first two weeks of August, for example. 

 After that the process basically reverses itself until, before you know it, the snow starts flying and winter season is once more upon whoever is still above ground.However in the summer months, these villages - what you and I probably refer to as ski resorts - do not fade away. More and more they strive to attract active travelers to the lakes and mountains made famous by European winters. More and more they build areas and attractions for those that are looking for more than a bit of "vegging" on the beach.

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Visitors to the Alps in summer are spoiled for choice.
Look at the proliferation of alpine golf courses. Count the number of resort areas offering canyoning as an activelifestyle attraction. And paragliding? Jeez, just look at the skies. Even the alpine lakes are coming into play in some instances.If we were to try to cover everything and every activity in this e-zine version of  we would need hundreds of pages. So in this issue we will deal only with destinations that have summer or year-round skiing. Those that are lucky enough to boast a glacier.  If we have our numbers right, there are ten glaciers offering skiing the whole year in Europe . And - if the brain waves correctly - half of them are in Austria . Switzerland, Italy and France are players too so read on.

Bill Fogarty