C'mon....it's the Worthersee

OK, how many can name even one of the villages that surround it? This will be especially difficult if you do not come from Europe, or indeed a German or other European language speaking country. The local tourism offices did not have much, if any, info in English. So, here is a small beginning of what we hope will become a wealth of information in English. The first flight of Worthersee sensations to hit my senses was the definitive feeling that Velden, the resort in which we had decided tospend the night, was, well, not really Austrian. Picture it with me. Velden is small village resting quietly, but imposingly, on the shores of the gentle Worthersee. The first impression for me, the first sign that there was much more to this town than meets the eye when one enters town, is the sign announcing the presence of a casino. I quickly became aware that this was no nickel and dime place either. The casino is part of the formidable Casinos Austria chain of gambling and entertainment locales, and they, dear friend, are recognized as world class. There are more tell tale signs too. Warm weather must breed cosmopolitanism, and the sight of folks sitting outside drinking or eating provided a definite Mediterranean-like atmosphere. The warmth of the early evening (even though it was early October) permitted the comfortable wearing of short-sleeved shirts, adding to the laid back southern continental atmosphere. One's senses were a bit confused for a moment. No one was carrying bread sticks, so it couldn't be France, and the names on the doors of the local businesses didn't end in a vowel, so it sure wasn't Italy. Will the real Velden please stand up?

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